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Belladonna Rogan
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Belle rolled her eyes, laughing some more as they went. "You're still the cheesy, adorable man I met a bajillion years ago."

She led the way to the elevator, kissing him before the doors closed. Her hands worked under his clothing, as though she couldn't wait to touch his body.

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* The thing that I have always loved about playing Belle is that she adapts well to new situations. She may angst and drink for a while, but in time, she puts it aside, because, darn it, there's stuff to do. If there isn't stuff to do, she finds something. Rather than sit and stew, she takes action. Whether that action is accepting a hit on her ex-husband, threatening a comatose man to get a rise out of someone, or running a few laps of her property, Belle moves when things bother her. Usually she faces her problems directly, rather than sighing and deciding that her life is just too messed up to fix. Which it often is, but nothing was ever gained by admitting such.

Another thing that makes her fun is the warmth that she brings to a situation. In canon she is supremely passionate, and never kills for the sport of it, the way some assassins might. It seems as though she has a great love for people, and a desire to like and be liked by them, despite her occupation. In a way, she's almost two people: Belladonna the assassin, and Belle the friendly woman who will stuff you full of pastry.

Passion is what drives Belle the most. Passion and a deep, unending love for life and people. Her job may be to organize the murder of people for a lot of money, but she has avoided being cynical, even after all the years she's done her job.

It helps that she has a little help from her friends, and strange circumstance. She is loyal and eager to protect those she loves, and anyone she knows long enough is someone she loves. There is a lot of inner strength in her, and it only makes her more effective at her job.

Having children has mellowed out her tendency to become overwhelmed by rage, but it does still happen on occasion. This is the other side of having a passionate nature, and one she is always trying to improve.

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Belle sat in the cafe, looking out the window at the cold outside. She hated the weather in New York. But her job was here, and so she knew that staying was necessary. At least for the moment. Maybe someday she'd pull up and move to California like her original plan had been.

Either way, she had a coffee and a sign on her table that read simply 'Hey Max, over here.'

It was pretty late in the morning when Belle woke up. She had been up pretty late last night at work, and her body felt achy and annoyed at her for the effort. She graoned as she slid out of bed, staggering toward the bathroom.

Stupid morning sickness. Stupid balance. Stupid world.

Blearily, she padded to the kitchen, to make herself some tea.

There are plenty of depressing, world shattering headlines. I've read quite a few of them over my breakfast, the icy stab of panic at what that news might mean to me and mine. I think anybody who gives the newspapers half a glance is scared by what they see every now and then.

But there are others that are less heart-stopping. Sometimes there really is good news in the papers, even if others might not see it that way.

Like the news that the Benefactoress Candra had been killed by the mutant menace. Of course, they simply called her Candra, but the picture they ran along side it in the Culture section was definitely her. Apparently she decided to take on the X-men and died. Stupid woman.

I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life. A new age of freedom began then. And it lasted all of three weeks before everything went pear shaped. But that's alright too, in a way. The Guilds were Candra's creations, and I was old enough to know that there was life outside of them.

It's been a couple years since then, and I've watched more headlines come and go. Horrible, terrible things that still, on occasion, make me weep. But now I enjoy them in a home I chose and maintain, in a place that I decided I wanted to live in, before heading to my normal 9-5 job. It's not glamorous, and certainly not something I'd have thought I wanted. But after all those years, I think that this is the happiest I've ever been.

To be fair, he didn't know it was a lie. I got kind of an oddball power, though it was kind of close to my mother's. I could read people. It wasn't terribly strong then, but I could see that there was something. . .off about my brother. He scared me, though I didn't know why. Hell, even knowing that I was so terrified of someone who loved me so dearly was painful enough. But he thought such odd things. . .I didn't exactly know they were his thoughts, since everybody thought I simply had empathy, like my mother. My power is a little more useful than that, though. Because while my brother did love me, mostly, he was sick.

It took me forever to screw up the courage to tell my father. Julien had never touched me in any manner that was unseemly, and kept himself very carefully contained. I can't blame Dad for what happened. I hardly believed it myself.

It wasn't until the wedding, when he made his last mistake that it became clear something was wrong with my brother's brain. I think that was the day that broke Dad, more than anything else. The realization that his heir, his son, had been so sick, and he'd never known, and then he was gone before he could be made well and whole.

My father didn't mean to lie, but it hurt us all in the end nonetheless.

Word count: 248
Pup: Belladonna Boudreaux
Fandom: X-men


Belle touched down outside the Starbucks he'd told her about, checking her hair before walking in. As promised, she was wearing a Cure t-shirt and a denim skirt, and her hair was twist up and out of the way. She scanned the crowd, looking for his name tag.

God help you if you are a phoenix, and you dare to rise up from the ashCollapse )

Muse: Belladonna Boudreaux
Fandom: Xmen
Word count: 453

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